Revision Policy

The Company tries best to always satisfy the Customers with each completed order.

With the intention to attain this goal of satisfaction, we are honored to say that whatever is asked in the order requirement will be provided from our end. Therefore, we provide a revision policy.

In this revision policy, the information below is fully discussed.

  • Your instruction must not differ from the original instruction provided while you take advantage of the free revision service. For example:
    • If you forgot to mention anything in the initial order requirements and you come up to have it revised, we will not be able to cater it. It is an obvious illustration that the guideline contrasts the initial one.
    • If you wish to continue, there will be an extra charge that will be payable to your account. To get more information about the cost of the revision, you can contact our Support Team via Live Chat or Email. Since every Customer has got their unique requests and specifications so the resolution of queries may take some time.
  • If the request to revise the completed order matches the original instruction, you are guaranteed that the revision will be processed and there will be no extra fee that will be charged.
  • The request for revision to be accepted details:
    • For orders below 30 Pages, request to be made within 20 days after Order Delivery.
    • For orders beyond 30 pages, request to be made within 45 days after Order Delivery.
    • For cases when the request is received after revision deadline (above mentioned), an additional charge is likely to be imposed. It is always advised, that it would be suitable to always check with the Support Team about the details of the charge. Every case is considered exceptional and must be attended individually.
  • By reading and understanding the above information, you approve to be bound lawfully with the terms delivered in this revision policy.

We would place emphasis on the belief that we keep our customers with high priority to satisfy them. We will complete all the revision requests each time until the Customer is pleased.