Refund Policy

We offer unlimited revisions; the customer can log in to the student's area (using the login details) and enter instructions and requirements each time if they are not satisfied with their final paper which we have delivered. In case, if fails to provide the paper according to the customer's instructions or the paper is found to be copied the refund policy applies to that order.

Be informed! After claiming for a refund, customer will not be able to use the paper (partly or fully) as we will share it with popular plagiarism prevention tools.


  • There is no assurance given that refers to the guarantee of receiving high rating or grades.
  • The paper we provide is a reference paper, to be reviewed and used thoroughly before submission. It is specified that it is not prepared for submission of any kind.
  • One thing that we can assure is that the assignment will not let you have a failing grade (F).

Refund Before Order Delivered:

  • You can anticipate getting complete refund if your withdrawal request is received before a writer is allocated to start on your assignment. However, if the writer by this time started to work on your instruction, he or she must be remunerated for it.
  • You will no longer be eligible for a refund if the allocated writer has already finished your order and delivered on the requested deadline. In such cases, the order can no longer be cancelled.

Below are the situations when you can expect on getting refund upon sending a cancellation request:

No assigned writer yet 100% Customer asked for cancellation
A writer has been assigned & proceeded with order 50-70% It varies and relies on the progress of writer’s finished work on the order.


Including all the circumstances above, there are other instances which can also provide partial or full refunds. Please note that when you request for a refund, you need to take care of a few things, including:

No Assigned Writer Yet

As always specified, this situation takes place on a very unusual occasion. If this happens, the sum of the refund that you can get is 100%. Rest guaranteed that you will quickly be informed when there is no suitable writer for your task.

Plagiarism Claim

If the customer asserts that the completed order has plagiarized material, they need to submit a Turnitin report. No other reports will be accepted aside from Turnitin. If customer is unable to submit the report, the claim will be inadequate as there will be no examination that can be done and no refund can be anticipated.

Duplicate Order/Payment

If the customer mistakenly placed an order twice or more, they will be required to contact Support Team immediately. This is so as for the withdrawal of the mistakenly placed orders. Customer will be required to provide us with the Duplicate Order Payment receipt in order to get the refund process started.

Writer’s Unavailability

  • In case of unavailability of Writer related to your Subject. Order will be canceled and the refund will be processed while informing you.
  • If writers’ availability is limited, we will update you with the timeline in case of order being late or canceled.

Deadline Missed:

  • If late delivery occurred due to late payment, the Company will not be held responsible. The customer will not be allowed a refund. To bypass such kind of situations, Customers are guided to pay the whole amount once the order is placed.
  • A well-timed delivery of the order is always assured. If the reason of delay is due to the late upload of the essential documents for the task, no refund can be demanded. Therefore, it is always appropriate to attach all the compulsory materials and resources within the fastest time once the order has been placed.
  • If deadline is missed due to our negligence. Customer is eligible for a complete refund.


The customer who is not satisfied with the quality of the completed order because of any above situations that can assure a refund can request for free revision, partial refund or a changed writer.

We shall naturally send the Word revision of the paper along with evidence that can sustain the claim. This is for the dispute department to process the appropriate verdict related to the case. This must be submitted back in three days immediately after the final paper submission. If this is not submitted, the dispute application will automatically be disregarded. Therefore, no refund will be provided.

If you still require a refund after the final copy has already been accepted, the Support Team must be e-mailed to get further assistance.

The following refund policy will be applicable in all refund cases:

Customer will be eligible for:

  • Full refund if request has been made before the order delivery;
  • 70% refund if request has been made within 1-3 days of order delivery;
  • 50% refund if request has been made within 4-5 days of order delivery;
  • 20% refund if request has been made within 7 days of delivery;
  • NO refund if request has been made after 8 days of delivery.
*We may ask to support your claim of dissatisfaction through different types of supporting documents. For example we may ask for a plagiarism report from renowned plagiarism software (i.e. Turnit-In) in case you claim that your report is plagiarized.