Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy must be documented so that the users of the service and site visitors are well aware of what they are using or about to use. To precisely explain the rules concerning the collected personal information specified by the Customer assistance and accepted in association with the use of is the intention of this policy. gathers information in the manner below.

  • Access time of the Customer
  • Browser used by the Customer
  • Operating System of the Customer

Evidently, the personal information is not collected by and no particular persons were recognized involved in the process. It would merely be the information stated above. Hence, can assure that there will be no such endeavors to discover the identity of the Customer.

The reasoning is to why we gather the material is quite simple. It is just for content development of the site, once the site content is amended, there is a guarantee that each page is custom made and will be less complex for the Customer to operate it.

As a Company, will always affirm not to sell, rent, or share any of the gathered data with any third party. (This does not include collective particulars for the unspecified users.)

In order to access or use all the services that we provide, it is essential to share some information that is private and personal.

As you want to continue on placing an order, there is a precondition to provide credit card information that demands private and sensitive details. However, all this data is 100% secure and all activities are done on the protected page so no one can access the information at all.

We use SSL certificate to validate that each order and financial transaction is 100% trustworthy.

The only reason why such data is stored is to complete your order and also to assist you better in future orders.

In reference to the order placed, the email address given will be used as the source of communication. This is in association with the status of the order, interpretation, work progress, concerns and more. This communication is necessary so that we can deliver you the best paper. We just want to reiterate that the particulars obtained will not be shared by Please take into consideration that the information stored in the record of the Company such as credit card information and sensitive data will not be circulated to any 3rd party.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the teachers/instructors and other people will not be informed concerning the activity of the Customer concerning the service he/she ordered.

The papers will also not be issued on the web or be kept in our databank. All orders done are private and confidential documents. Therefore, these documents will be in a safe place and will not be released, sold, rented, communicated or seen by any third parties.

Customer Responsibility

The Company will not suffer any obligation for hacking disputes in the time when the Customer entered their email address for the payment to be managed. Therefore, the Customer does not have any privileges to request whatever refunds except they are able to present valid proof that can explain and discuss more about the instance. It should demonstrate that their email address or PayPal account has been hacked and they did not approve the order.

Customer Complaints or Queries

Maintaining the highest standards is our priority when it comes to using, collecting or managing the Customer's information. Every single complaint concerning to Customer’s confidentiality will surely be examined with extreme urgency. We welcome suggestions if anyone feels there are aspects the Company can undertake, to improve the approach of the matter can be taken care of.

Authentic steps are guaranteed so as for the information conciseness and precision. The inquiries must be addressed to the email address of the Company if additional clarifications are essential for the procedure that we use. In this way, the Support Team will be able to give suitable information about the concern and needed clarification.

Personal Information Accessibility

If the Customer wants the information and processes the request stated above, the Company will:

  • Provide description of the information
  • Inform the said person concerning the parties of which the information was released.
  • Clarify the intention why the information is kept.
  • A clear and complete copy of the information will be provided.
  • Such request will only be processed in a written format, sent through email to the Support Team.

Disabling Cookies:

Cookies are small chunks of codes in the text format files which are placed on your computer and keep information on the websites that you visit repeatedly. You may disable cookies any time by going to your internet web browser settings. Disabling cookies will result in blocking of our websites on your browser and you will not be able to use it.

Age Restriction:

We do not entertain any queries sent by children under the age of 13, if you face such a situation in which your child shares personal information, credit card information or any other details that you wish to remove from our database, please contact our Support Team.

Visiting Partner Websites, Business Associate Websites and Links to Other Web Sites:

It is advised that you should read the privacy policy before sharing any personal information with any website. When you visit any affiliated website through our website or any website of our business associate or any link through our website they will use your personal information according to the privacy policy and terms of use mentioned on their website.


This site reserves the right to provide some links to the government authorities and other sites. It enables the provision of particular data to its guests. The authorization of the contents is not implied with this fact statement. Once an individual follows the link displayed on this site, it will not be subjected to the conditions of Privacy Policy and others associated to the certain site.

Change in Privacy Policy:

We reserve the right to change privacy policy any time. If you want to keep yourself updated about how we utilize and share your personal information you should visit our website time to time.

In case you provided your personal information prior to changes in the privacy policy we may ask you to go with the new privacy policy that has been made or to continue with the old privacy policy which was on our website at the time you shared it.

*The option to choose old or new privacy policy statements will only apply to those visitors whose transactions and dealings are affected by the new privacy policy.

You May Contact Us:

If you want to inform us about any changes in your personal information or you wish to report an issue you can send us an email or contact us through live chat.