Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are the procedures to follow when writing a dissertation?

    A dissertation typically consists of six chapters, although the number of chapters may vary depending on the type of research being conducted.

    • 1: The first chapter serves as the introduction, which includes the research background, objectives, and problem.
    • 2: In the second chapter, secondary information obtained from journals is incorporated.
    • 3: The third chapter, which is crucial, discusses the research methodology and justifies the research methods employed. Depending on the research methodology, the research flow, budget, and authenticity can be evaluated.
    • 4: The fourth chapter describes the collected information, including data obtained from journals, books, and primary and secondary sources.
    • 5: The fifth chapter is the discussion chapter, where the gathered results are critically analyzed with proper arguments.
    • 6: The final chapter is the conclusion, where the entire research is summarized and recommendations for enhancing the scope of the research paper are provided.

    In addition, a dissertation must include reference lists, works cited, bibliography sections, an abstract, and an acknowledgment letter.

  • Q: What is the beginning process for my dissertation?

    When beginning a research paper, it is crucial to provide background information and clarify the study's focus. It's also essential to highlight the research's value, which requires the researcher to have a thorough understanding of its significance.

  • Q: In what way do your specialists offer personalized assistance to students with their dissertations?

    Our specialists adhere to your instructions when creating the dissertation writing guidebook, covering everything from formatting and research to writing and referencing. We ensure that the paper meets your university's guidelines.