Disclaimer Policy

Use of the Products:

The delivering of work produced at a client’s own is not marginalized or promoted by AffordableWriting.net. All works completed by AffordableWriting.net are for aims of research, reference or samples of the assignment that the customer creates on their own. The Company does not claim that these would have an impact on the grade in any way.

Contact information

It is solely the client’s responsibility to give accurate and updated contact information to AffordableWriting.net. The Company will not be responsible if there will be any delay or late submission of the work due to improper information/communication.

Canceling an order

If the client needs to cancel an order that has been paid and assigned to the writer; and writer has started to work on the assignment, the Company will decide the sum to reimburse. The option is available to save the sum rather than refunding or offering discounts can be used for future orders.

Resource Materials

The writers of AffordableWriting.net will however utilize only the most pertinent and appropriate resource materials for the orders. The Customer can also provide his choice of resource materials that the writer can utilize in preparing an order. The Customers must give the resources if the resource is not obtainable for free. The Company shall not be answerable if the essential resources are not delivered by the Customer that engenders delay for the task to be done.

Instruction of the Customer

All the essential information about the task must be delivered precisely by the Customer. The Customer is also liable for replying to the query of the writer for interpretation and further material. For some reason, such queries, explanation of further information is not provided by the Customer, the Company/writer will not be accountable for any delay.

If the Customer is not pleased with the completed paper because it does not fulfill the original instructions from the original order, the paper is revised for free. If the request for revision does not match the same original order, extra charge(s) might be billed.


If the customer finds that the finished assignment is plagiarized. If any part of the paper is verified to be plagiarized, AffordableWriting.net will definitely revise it without additional cost and will deliver a free paper in return. Please refer to Refund Policy (Plagiarism Claim).

Technical or Electronic concerns

If there will be interruptions produced by technical issues, electronic failures, or slow ISP or server of the Customer, AffordableWriting.net will not be accountable for any delay in the delivery.

Payment Agreement

When you agree and completely understand our Terms and Conditions, you automatically authorize us the approval to withdraw money from your credit card that can pay for your requested order.

Order Cancellation

Sending us a formal email immediately to get your requested order cancelled, before the consigned writer started the work. If you cancel the order after the delivery of the completed order, it will not be accepted and no refund will be processed.

Deadline and Reasons for Delay

At AffordableWriting.net, our priority is to deliver the highest customer delight. Therefore, all our writers certainly meet every fixed deadline. However, we will not be liable if a project will be overdue because a Customer failed to reply a query.

Billing Information Confirmation

You are in charge of providing correct billing information then the email is sent back to the customer confirming that we have received your payment and starting to work on this project.

Email Communication

While the order is in process, it will be a mutual ease if you check your email time to time so that all queries which arise during the execution of the order are catered. If you fail to respond on time, it will not be the company’s responsibility for any delay that it may bring about. This also does not make you eligible to demand a refund.

Phone Communication

You need to give your existing phone number so that the Team of AffordableWriting.net can interact with you within the quickest time for any concerns or queries that requires prompt responses.


Changing the basic instruction is not permitted for free revisions. If new instructions come after the order has been finished, that will be counted as a new order.

Logical Instructions and Description of Sources

The instructions of the assignment must be accurate and clear. If the source materials are uncommon or not available to the public, requirements must also be delivered. If the order is required to be provided within 12-24 hour, follow up must be after an hour. If the lead time is only 12 hours or less, the follow up must be within 30 minutes upon order.

Academic Level

It is your responsibility to properly select the academic level when placing the initial order needed for your paper. If you make an error with the selection, you need to make contact with the Customer Support Team as early as possible to approve any extra fee if required.


When you are all set to process the order, it states that you are also prepared to pay the full amount. The writers will not begin to work on the assignment unless the full amount of payment is acknowledged.

At AffordableWriting.net, we have a Customer Support Team which is accessible to assist the Customer round the clock. For any delivery concerns, you are always free to contact us at any hour of the day. If the delay is from our end, we are ready to recalculate the price or send a partial reimbursement.

Legal Tender

It is your duty to observe the laws of your state, country with concerns to academic writing or associated services. The use of stolen credit cards or any other type of cyber offenses will not be accepted yet will be informed to the authorities respectively. When you place an order at AffordableWriting.net, it claims that you agree to only use the paper as a reference for your own work.

We reserve the right to let our Customers know about any new offers, promotions, discounts and other deals through email.