What is an Essay Map? Give reasons why you need to create one

Essay writing is an integral part of syllabi no matter what level you are at. And the purpose of the Essay is to provide a logical, reasoned argument. In order to get an effective structure of the Essay and to develop a focused and progressive argument, there is a need to develop an Essay Map. Since the thoughts do not come to mind in an organized manner, they will create a web on the paper if one jots them down in the same manner on the paper. Therefore, one should not leap to the process of writing immediately. It is worth giving some time in organizing the ideas generated by the mind. This would also help in generating a thesis or main argument of your research writing.

Hence, an Essay Map is the set of organized ideas that your mind has generated after reading the topic. These ideas can then be used to support your thesis statement once it has been formed. An essay map is also the ideas the way in which they will be discussed in the Essay.

Following are several reasons for developing an Essay Map;

Helps in Making a Thesis Statement

Since, Essay Map consists of all the ideas related to the Essay, or which will be organized in paragraphs, and this can help in developing a comprehensive Thesis Statement. Although Thesis Statement precedes the main body, it is dependent on the ideas present in the main body.

Makes Writing Essay Easier

Mind Map can help in making the writing process a lot easier. Writing the first sentence becomes the most challenging part. Hence, once the ideas have been written in the amorphous form, It will help you in organizing them.

Help in Grouping Similar Ideas Together

Mind Map should be created because the disorganized yet ideas can be compiled together to develop coherent structure. It will also assist you in deciding which topics must be the part of Introduction, Main Body or Conclusion.

Avoids Repetition

If the ideas are written in the form of Mind Map, it will help in eradicating similar ideas, and that would prevent the repetition of similar ideas. Hence, Mind Map is effective in thinking critically and embellishing each paragraph with new engaging ideas.

Develops Consistency and Flow

Mind Map is essential because it makes essays consistent and flowing. The reader only enjoys the Essay when the ideas are coherent yet flow like a river. Essays written without Mind Maps seems to be an entanglement of different coloured threads without a start or an end.

Quick Review Once Side Tracked

Mind Maps are significant because they help in quickly reviewing the outline whenever you are stuck in the quagmire of thoughts. Hence in situations of getting sidetracked while writing, Mind Maps can get you back on track. Mind Maps thus provide an overview of the entire text structures, especially in exams.