Tips to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

A lot has been said about whether the academic writing skills is innate or learned. However, whether or not one has a flair for writing by birth and regardless of the fact that not everyone aspires to be a writer by profession, all students have to take up writing assignments such as essays, thesis, research papers, dissertations, etc. during their academic journey. And since these assignments are a prerequisite to pass a course, you’re required to perform a good job at it.

How to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Here, we’re sharing some tips for students to improve their academic writing skills. Read on.

Academic writing skills tips

Master the Linguistic Intricacies

Linguistic intricacies such as grammatical and sentence construction rules are a prerequisite of any academic assignment. You have to use the right voice, tone, and style of writing as in descriptive, analytical, critical or persuasive. In addition to that, you have to incorporate the style guide advised by your supervisor, as in the size of the font for title, headings, and body, and citation and referencing rules, etc.

Make Use of Online Tools

There are plenty of online tools such as spelling and grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and also the handy citation tools that can make your life (and assignment) a whole lot easier. Using these tools, you can eliminate typing and grammatical errors, plagiarism, as well as build your bibliography in a smart and convenient manner.

Don’t Drift Away from Your Main Argument

Academic assignments can be pretty lengthy, and it is normal for a student, especially the first-timers to lose their track during the writing discourse. The plenty of information may make you overwhelmed and tempted to include even that bits of knowledge that won’t contribute any value to your work. Don’t do that. Weave your argument around the core topic.

Research, Research, Research!

Research and Evidence

Research is the cornerstone of any academic assignment. In fact, all academic assignments start with research. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all information you’re going to find online or any other resources for that matter will add any value to your work. Therefore, rather than setting on in a blind hunt for research, look for credible resources where you can get some meaningful information.

Avoid Redundancy

You’ll find plenty of information while doing research for the different sections of your assignment. However, stuffing all of that information in your work will only make it look haphazard, repetitive and make no sense to the reader. Therefore, be very selective and concise with the information you choose to include in your academic assignment.

Use the Right Vocabulary

Academic writing requires a straightforward vocabulary with concise sentence structures. You may be tempted to use a flowery language, but remember that academic writing is not a test of your vocabulary. Therefore, be selective with your choice of words and make sure they convey the right message.


So, there you have it – some essential tips to improve your academic writing skills. Do you have anything to share? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy writing!

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