Tips on how to write a Formal Essay

Structure of a Formal Essay:

As any other essay a formal essay consists of 4 parts which are as follows,


It will be the heading which will clarify the theme of the topic


Three to four lines summarizing the intro of the chosen topic to the readers


It usually consists of three to four paragraphs elaborating in detail the chosen topic with the help of arguments, examples and samples


Lastly in conclusion you will have to write two to three lines on the before said paragraphs summarizing and giving a general opinion


Steps on writing a Formal Essay:

  • First you need to choose a topic on your own or it will be assigned by your teacher. When it is your choice of topic make sure it interests you surely you won’t be able to enjoy writing on all topics because of formal essay.
  • Second you will start by writing an introductory paragraph which will give a brief overview of the whole essay. Make sure to grab reader’s attention here so that they continue to read essay till the end. Don’t forget to add thesis statement in the middle or end of the introductory paragraph
  • Your thesis statement which is included in introduction paragraph should be in one or two sentence which will be a summary on main point or claim of the essay
  • Now that you have completed introduction move forward to body where each paragraph will represent different point of view on the topic. Furthermore these paragraphs of the essay will start with an introductory sentence following other sentences completing the thought or an idea
  • It will be easier for you to write conclusion while keeping an eye on introduction. It will state that your thesis statement has been proven fully and completely. Keep in mind to not include any new information.


Edit & Review:

After you finish your essay its time review and edit mistakes for that reason you will have to reread the essay several times and if you can’t find all of the mistakes take help from an outsider and read it out to them. One more technique is to put it off for a day or two then take a fresh look and reread.

You can also record and read out the whole essay to a sound recorder and then listen to it this will also help you detect faults, mistakes and grammatical inconsistencies. Use dictionary or text editor like Microsoft Word to help detect spelling mistakes but again read it out to yourself because Microsoft Word is also not 100% accurate sometimes.