How to write an Outline for Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay can be defined as a form of an essay or academic writing that endeavors to convince the reader to agree with the point of view of the author. One must know the subject to the fullest extent while writing a persuasive essay. Thus, solid research material should be collected. The writer must clear up his mind and should be crystal clear about his biases. The reader should be so convinced that he is convinced on the idea that there is no other correct point of view than that he has read.

Persuasive Essay vs Argumentative Essay

Before leaping onto the outline of the persuasive essay, there is a need to draw a think line of difference between the argumentative essay and persuasive essay. An argumentative essay is about using the data and reasoning logically to prove the argument. An argumentative essay is based on compare and contrast or argument and counter-argument. On the other hand, the persuasive essay is, about the use of research to develop a coherent point of view that convinces the reader,

Persuasive Essay Outline

The general outline comprises of

  1. Introduction
  2. Body Paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

This can be embellished by further dividing them into headings and sub-headings. An outline is essential because it keeps one stick to the point.

The detail outline synopsis is given below;

  1. Introduction

Introduction in a persuasive essay is based on a complete set of statements that can engage the reader and deliver them the biased point of view of the author. Three elements are an integral part of the essay; hook, defining the audience, and thesis statement.

  • Hook

The hook is the very first sentence that grabs the attention of the reader. It may comprise of an anecdote, a fascinating fact or a quote.

  • Defining the Audience

Introduction than should be made relatable to the audience. The reader should develop a connection with the subject under discussion. One must specify the scope of the subject

  • Thesis statement

A thesis statement is a comprehensive statement that defines the purpose of the essay.

  1. Body Paragraphs

There is no specific number of paragraphs in this portion. The number of paragraphs depends upon the number of arguments and claims one has to support his viewpoint. Each paragraph is divided into a claim, and an evidence. Thus, one paragraph should have one claim and the evidence to prove that claim. The opposing ideas can also be negated by using the evidence.

  • Body Paragraph #1 – Supporting facts/ evidence
  • Body Paragraph #2 – Supporting facts/ evidence
  • Body Paragraph #3 – Supporting facts/ evidence
  1. Conclusion 

The last and yet equally important part of the persuasive essay is the conclusion. Conclusion comprises of a summary of the topic, the scope of the topic and some significant suggestions of a personal point of view that can help in catering the issue. A conclusion is made of all the critical point that one has discussed or brought attention to in the essay. Potential solutions and the consequences of not taking the matter seriously should be mentioned.