How to create a Mind Map to write an Essay

Mind maps are effective techniques that aids in helping us write a coherent and well-organized theme based essays. This stage is a pre-writing stage or what we can call the thinking stage. At this stage various ideas are generated, visualized, organized for the writing stage.

Using the Mind Map

Mind map can be used for developing connections with main ideas of your topic, for recording important points in lectures to be used later. It can be used for brain storming all the points that you already know about the essay. It can be used for visualizing the essay before writing it. It also makes all the points of the essay accessible on one single page.

Precisely, Mind map is used to brain storm a topic to collect ideas. The following are some essential steps for creating a Mind Map;

  1. Centralizing the Ideas

First of all, take a rough page and write the topic in the center of the page. It is important to centralize the topic to avoid disunity and promote clarity. The page is used in horizontal direction will make it easier.

  1. Connecting the Dots

After writing the topic, write down all the relevant ideas that pop up in your head or of the information that is stored in your head regarding the topic. Then, draw lines, arrows or bubbles of either different colors or of the same color and connect those ideas with the topic in the center. These arrows will show the connection of the central idea with the ideas generated in your head. This relation is essential as they can form the paragraphs.


  1. Choosing Different Colors

In case of writing argumentative essay of you are writing contracting points in the Mind Map it is important for you to choose different colors for different opinions. For instance, one can use blue color for arguments and black color for counter-arguments. It will avoid confusion in the mind map while you are referring during writing.

  1. Marking the Ideas

Once you have written tentative points that are relevant to your essay, now, the next step is to mark the points to be written first. All the points should be marked like, 1, 2 ,3 ,4 based on your plan to incorporate those points in your essay. Thus, for organizing the ideas it is very important for the points to be marked.

Thus, Mind Map helps in developing the creative writing ability and also stimulate critical thinking is posing arguments and counter arguments. If one has made the Mind Maps for all the topics, it makes it easy for him to prepare and revise all points.