Tips on Finding the Right Resources for Writing Research Paper

Research is the cornerstone for writing a research paper, or for any academic assignment or essay. However, with convenient access to information available on the internet, books, journals, libraries, and scholarly articles, it is highly likely for students to get distracted from the core subject of their assignment and lose their track.

It is important to understand that not all resources are right for you and cramming information into the assignment won’t essentially add any value to it. Therefore, a wise approach is to plan your research and be as selective as you can while picking up information for writing research paper.

Here are some useful tips on finding the right resources for your research assignment. Read on.

Selecting the Right Information Resources


Research Paper Writing Help-Library

Your college or university library holds a treasure trove of information for your research paper . You should consult with the supervisor as well as the librarian and ask them to guide you on the sections where you can get the best material on the topic of your assignment. However, keep it in mind that the library staff and teaching assistants will sure help you with your queries, but they won’t serve you the sources and material on your table. You will have to do the research on your own.


Academic journals are a great way to find credible information on your topic and also add depth to your work. There are some reputed and most commonly used online journals and repositories such as JSTOR, Google Scholar, NBER, and EBSCO. Ask the supervisor if your institution has a subscription to any journal which you can access to look for information for the research paper.


The world wide web has made finding information just a matter of a few clicks. Whatever the subject or topic of your research, you can find millions of pieces of information, anywhere and at any time. However, while consulting the internet for assignment research, you need to be selective and cautious, since a majority of information in the digital sphere comes from inauthentic sources and picking them blindly may damage the credibility of your work.

Reference Books for your research Paper Writing

Reference books can be a great source of information on any topic. And although it might come a bit cumbersome to peruse through catalogues or outlines of a pile of books, rest assured that the information you find here will be authentic and citing it in your paper will add a lot of credibility and professionalism to your work.

Assignment Consultants

Assignment Writing Consultant

There are numerous reputed online services offer assistance and consultancy to students in their assignments. They have a team of subject specialists and research assistants on their panel who can assist you through the process of gathering valuable information for your paper. Not just that, they will also guide you on the scope of the topic and how to go about building your argument in the paper.


The quality of work you produce in your paper depends a great deal on your research paper writing. We hope you find these tips useful and get the best resources for your assignment.

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